Thursday, 27 October 2011


So i have an unhealthy obsession with my hair and changing its colour every time i get bored.
so im half way committed to going asain blonde...(its like, carrot top half way mark right now, so gross) anyways, i love love love seeing asian platinum blondes, because it makes me feel like i can pull it off haha, (though im only part Japanese so maybe i cant get away with it...)

anyway, my latest obsession is Japanese model Eriko- i remember seeing a couple of photos of her back in june/july and obviously dragging them to the hair inspiration folder instantly,
but only just discovered her blog with all these amazing crazy photos.
gahhh really wish i was fully japanese right now so i could sauce up the whole fooook me?
girl look... 
she reminds me of three of my all time fave models - dual kim (rip i lovee you dual) cross abbey lee, natasha poly and deborah d when she was blonde (Asian Aussie babe model)

for more Eriko madness visit her blog or tumblr
goddd i wish i was Eriko

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