Saturday, 29 October 2011

ain't got no home

I've got the arduous task of packing and shifting on my hands at the moment, which involves lugging my magazine collection from house to house. (love seeing the un presuming removalists pick up what they think will be a light book box only to cripple under the weight of a box full of russh. teee hee )
this time round, i also have to clean out my hoardage of magazines which have been living in my teenage bedroom at my parents - mum has threatened on many occasions (and followed through- biatch) throwing out beloved magazines, claiming "it attracts the silver fish" - pfft.
anyway, i have hundreds of ripped out pages that i used to make books full of collages with, and folders dedicated to "wallpaper images" its quite out of hand... 
going through the rip outs though is like a walk back in the past, and still some editorials make me swooon, like the one above from RUSSH #25 - aint got no home editorial
i remember literally dying over those willow boots, seeing them on high rotation on the styling schedules of more than several magazines. still dye over them. still love the raw grungy styling of this editorial.. all double layer tanks and unzipped flys, tied waists and baseball tees.

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