Wednesday, 26 October 2011

flaming babes


Just had a full perv of the new campaign shoot from lee, featuring the amazing Zipp with flaming red hair, and the awesome Taylor Warren shot in NYC styled by Imogen Barren... basically an orgy of awesome people in a sweeet ass penthouse.
had the opportunity of working with Taylor on the bonds colour campaign with Zanita and Sue Ann a couple of months ago and had a blast. and ive been a bit of a Taylor fan since discovering that amazing shoot in No Magazine shot by Jason lee parry.

Anyway, Zippora as a flaming red head!!! love it almost as much as Julie Cooper or Taylor Tomasi Hill.
great now I want to be a red head again. 

Images via LEE website.
(alerted to the release of the campaign thanks to today's Russh news letter)
Photography: Liz Looker
Stylist: Imogen Barron
Babes: Zippora Seven, Taylor Warren and Tim
behind the scenes photos: Lexie Reeves

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