Wednesday, 19 October 2011

new no

oooh super excite, just noticed these on the FGR website which means its that time of year when i get to go and pester my local newsagent for a copy of NO. 

zip zip looks her grunge-tastic disheveled self that i love, all messy hair, knits and tired eyes frolicking in grassy fields.

and, Olivia O'Driscol makes me contemplate chopping my hair back into a bob. (i have deep set hair issues)

is it just me, or is New Zealand like, full of ridiculously creative people. soooo many good things from nz. fashion/art/jewelery/magazine wise.

off the top of my head,  kiwi things that i love;
NO, remix, black and Karen magazines,  
stolen girlfriends club, lonely hearts, deadly ponies, karen walker, jimmy d, 27 names....
zippora and jasper seven
meadow lark jewelery.....
and a billion others.

pictures: fashion gone rogue
publication: No magazine No#14
editorial 1: Zippora seven shot by Ben Sullivan
editorial 2: Olivia O'Driscoll shot by Karen Inderbitzen-waller

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  1. I'm loving NZ designs at the moment too! Especially Deadly Ponies.


    PS. I did a post about your choker on my blog -


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