Thursday, 20 October 2011


I cant believe its almost halloween time of year again!
I love Halloween, though i'm not a big fan of the lol lolls (lollies)
as mean girls said it best- its just an excuse for girls to dress up slutty (and party)

this year im thinking of going as lilo
which basically is just a free pass to get way trashed and still say your just in character.

above I have gathered some great lindsay inspiration to get in the mood.
(ok so just an excuse to re post that muse editorial again)

obviously the first couple images are too trashy, but the latter is trashy but borderline skanky hot.

necessities for the costume:
lolly pop,
black kohl
ratty blonde hair extensions
fish nets
mesh top
killer heels

image credits:

type in Lindsay Lohan wasted into google and click on the most outlandish
type in Lindsay Lohan muse magazine and pick the least trashiest
I tried Lindsay Lohan hot, but I didn't like one image that was returned… poor lindsay, I loved parent trap when I was little.

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