Tuesday, 18 October 2011


There's just somethin' about the Leto… the blue eyes (they deff's help) the a* hole / i'm hot shit and I know it vibe, the band.. I don't know... he just is hot shit.

Recently got well acquainted with mr leto all over again when I purchased the complete box set of Life or Something Like it.
(did I mention i've been living back and forth between Sydney and somewhere 15mins from Byron Bay… times get lonely when you cant drive, public transports non existent, and the populous contains no similar aged / interests peers.

during said time in solitary confinement, box sets I have found are very NECESSARY company for the down times when im procrastinating doing work, my friends are sick of my whinging about said boredom/loneliness (or i have no reception)  and plotting world domination/sometimes suicide)

anyways, this editorial -
loving the rockstar meets model in Paris vibe.
im not usually one for men editorials. actually to be honest i've never really even scoped the genre?

stumbled upon this whilst doing research for our upcoming editorial shoot.
aesthetically pleasing distractions are great accessories to the procrastination involved in being your own boss… my excuse... the model I wanted to use is out of town.
(I probably couldn't afford her anyways. dammit.)
ps. not so keen on the hair, but do love his studded vest and paint splatter shirt.

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