Sunday, 9 October 2011

21 club

I miss being in the 21 club.
I got laughed at by the bouncer on the door to the bar attached to the hotel we were staying in last weekend... 
I'd forgotten my id back in our room.
bouncer: ok, how old are you then?
me- im 21, no wait shit i'm almost 23 damn. we'll only be a sec.
bouncer- laughs. ok go in.
 -its that same bummed feeling you get when you go to the bottle shop and they don't card you.

Anyways, back to the subject of the editorial in question...
I mainly posted this feature as it had Andrej in it, and man what id do for that boy
(actually, id probably just make him sit there and pout and look pretty)
aside from the 21 y o babes being bab-ish it also features Polaroids and permanent markers. a past time that i love engaging in at/during/after party time.
Male models are so pretty to look at, but gosh most of them are vain insecure pretentious wankers. (this statement has been based off the several that i know from a personal experience*)
- * i want my cheetah head cartier rip-off ring back you bastard!

images: ones2watch

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