Monday, 14 November 2011

lifes a beach



Even though its still technically spring, it feels well and truly summer like, 
which being Byron Bay = hot and sticky.
needless to say I've been making the most of my last days of the laid back life before returning to Sydney. aka I've been in or around the water as much as possible.

If my summer were to be an editorial, I would insist that I be Bambi in Tim Barbers ed for Muse magazine, (though, technically its in the middle of the desert and she is in a swimming pool..)
or Abbey Lee writhing in the surf for Aus vogue - pre skeletor bottle blond faze.
(except i'm not Abbey or Bambi, and i'm likely to be found squished somewhere on an eastern suburbs beach - not head out the window wind in my hair at sunset, or diving into a deserted motel pool.... )

1- 5. tim barber for muse magazine (see the rest of the editorial i posted here and here)
yes, he is a favorite photographer... and yes, i do like this shoot. haha
6 - 18. mixed sources.. aka
from tumblr (derr) and various others drag-drop internet trawling sessions. 
(sorry for lack of memory)
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