Tuesday, 15 November 2011

home sweet home

so,  because i've just moved house ive been hoarding a ridiculous amount of room inspiration pictures and literally dreaming of how i am going to decorate. i cant wait! its the one part of house moving i do enjoy. the interiors... i've loved it since being a kid... 

i'd spend so much time and care setting up my barbies house (from found objects, not the big pink mc mansion) - then style barbie in something i had made, (usually bits of cloth tied into boob tubes and mini skirts- how tarzan chic) then proceed to undress her and send her to bed with my make do ken (another barbie who's hair i had chopped off short, texter coloured black, and drawn stubble on - mum didn't approve of barbies so they were all hand me downs from my cousins.).. i was five. such developed sense of creative imagination?

anyways, this time around im taking a minimalist and white everything approach.
greatly inspired by my blogger crush on ivania of love aesthetics, and my maybe not so secret addiction to the selby.
i need to accomodate my embarassing magazine hordage, and clothing. in a stylish manner. 
i've got my eye on a blanket box.. perfect for storing things out of site. tee hee.

images: love aesthetics, and various tumblrs dedicated to interiors.
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