Monday, 31 October 2011

wet minxxx

not much of a beach bunny myself - even though i currently part time reside in and grew up in Byron Bay (look i was into riding ponies and reading magazines ok?)
i almost wet myself with excitement (scuze the lammme pun) when i saw these bad boys.
would seriously consider taking on Lane Beachly just so I could wear the Frankie or the Luxe 
(and perve on hot surfer boys). totally would wear the frankie jacket out side of the water too... 
and i'm loving the neon splice sleeve detail on the luxe bodysuit.

seriously, if your one for the waves and a lady check this shit out.
its ammmazing.

#1 & #2 Frankie wet jacket
#3 Edi wetshorts and edis millenium swim top.
#4 Luxe wetsuit
#5 wetminx wetsuit

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