Friday, 14 October 2011

these boots were made for walkin'

sexy cowboy devv 
such a babe.

images via: fashion gone rogue
photographer: ellen von unwerth
babe: Devon Aoki


  1. oh forgot to mention - DEVON AOKI - SO damn under-rated, she is amazing! x

  2. BILLIE! firstly congrats you are freaakkking killing it! LOVE the new label and collection, fucking amazing! how exciting!

    secondly - haha YES i did the slut hang downs! SO much gel involved in both keeping my pony slick and the 2 front parts perfectly in position (over my eyes) at all times. SO wrong. my poor parents, i am sure they tried so hard to steer me clear. haha

    how are you lady?! hope all is going well! thanks for commenting and getting in touch xxxx


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