Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Guess what

I'm not a fan of Guess as far as their product goes.
its too trash-tactic Gold coast / Paramatta tragic for me and I don't understand it.
too much… wishing it was a Louis or versace .
but I do like their campaigns. always. well mostly always...

They always feature a totally babin' blonde with big boobies and ass and lips and sexy men swooning after them... maybe I like them because its a stark difference to most campaigns featuring stick thin ghosts with flat chests… and thus a nice break.
its super great when the said editorial campaign is snapped by one of my all time fave photographers. Ellen.
loves it. (not the product)
images: fashion gone rogue.
photography: Ellen Von Unwerth
Amber Heard - Guess Fall 2011 campaign.

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