Sunday, 23 October 2011

girl crush part II

Cara and Willa sort of look a like i think? minus the whole trashbag too much eyeliner thing willa started getting into.. more her attending phillip Lim launch party kind of style.

I'm a die hard Willa fan since back in the days of O.C.
(ohhh the O.C... of all the tv show rituals i miss, i think its this. the tuesday nights 8.30 O.C hangouts. it was like, A THING and wednesday homeroom would be spent discussing and disecting the previous nights episode.... and having to wait in anticipation a whole week until the next episode. instead of being able to stream it all offline.
top quality teen drama. haha)

(what did we all do before tumblr? and flattery in the form of fuck yeah blogs? )

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