Wednesday, 5 October 2011

the ankle cuff

Ok, so ankle cuffs (metal or leather) are so hot right now, 
clearly re-confirmed by my style icons Isabel and Pheobe. (Marant and Celine) 
But of course I was already convinced the second I set my eyes on the ones STEPHANIE LA CAVA was wearing back at the AW shows (that image that has been burned into the retinas of most fashion forward blog/tumblr-trawlers and probably added to a lot of "NEED THIS SHIT ASAP" lists)

Anyways so not long after seeing those first images on jak and jil, and nobody knows marc, I preceded to go ape shit crazy trying to track me down some / anything that would serve a similar purpose.
attempt one - I came across a pair of style nanda lanvin sandal rips… but couldn't justify the ugly ugly heel that it was attached to something around the awkward half kitten half stilleto 2.5inch vomit of a mess... a real shame because the rest of the shoe was quite like able.

attempt two- a quick fix in the form of thick diva arm cuffs.. needless to say big FAIL.
the thick cuff style didn't quite translate when I tried to squeeze them onto my cankles and just looked awkward / fell off. So I stepped it up (mind the pun) and set about making some in the studio… considering I had already worked out how to hand bend our other things I figured this wouldn't be too hard either. 

but im thinking for aesthetic as well as functionality reasons i'm going to need to find hinges/chain or leather for them to work properly (stay on)

So im still experimenting on the final closure technique... but rest assured THEY WILL BE MADE! 
and AVAILABLE for delivery ANYWHERE in the world, and made from REAL precious metal plated copper - so no icky bad quality fakes from people who speak less English than my grandma- (for the record she is Japanese not Chinese.)

I think my obsession with ankle adornments started a while back, maybe with the Chanel boots from last year that Poppy Delvine wore.. 

but I do have a pretty general obsession with cuffs at the moment and wanting to put them on every part of my body (arm, neck, ear, waist) you get the point....

anyways contributing inspiration imagery in order of appearance- 

1. collage by me 
(ft images from/by: nobody knows marc, jak and jil, random hongkong cuffs, lanvin sandals, celine)
2. Celine heels via nobody knows marc.
3. Celine bow cuff.
4. Roses are gold cuff belt and wrist cuff ft. Krystal Glynn for stylists own 99 cent dreams lookbook
5. Collage by me 
(ft images from/by: Alexander Mcqueen, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Chloe, Giambattista Valli, Fetish, MMM, Celine, river island)
6. Styloretic with her awesome reader gifted hongkong ankle cuffs- anyone hollla if they can get me a pair!!
7. Shoes at the Anne Sophie SS12 show 

also- river island do some pretty sweet lanvin/celine hybrids here
I do some pretty good arm neck and waist cuffs here.
styloretic has a sweet hook up and was supplied some sick ones from hong kong, but ultimately look like they are made from cheap metal 
and if anyone knows who made the ones that stephanie la cava was wearing with her Prada Platforms, please let me know... they look celine/MMM ish but I cant for the life of me find them.
(apologies for such a long rant of a post)


  1. I am SO w/ you on this.... Found some bloggers who have squeezed cuffs, and/or bracelets, onto their ankles and snapped photos only in particular views. It's working my LAST nerve that I am unable to not only obtain the Celine versions, but ANY version of this gorgeous idea. Ugh. If you come up w/ something, holla at ya girrrl!

  2. need this shit asap !!!!! lol


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